For the past 20 years Biotics has been advising international leaders in both public and private sectors, including hight tech, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, luxury, automative, large retail, transportation, entertainment, extreme sports and multimedia. Examples of Speaking Engagement and Interviews by Joël de Rosnay :

Joël de Rosnay speaking at Forum International ICT where he talked about the challenges and opportunities of the digital society. Liège, September 21, 2012. (in french)




La biotique, un système innovant” (Biotics, an Innovative System) talk at the “Innovation with Legs” conference. Université Paris 1, April 18, 2013. (in french)





Mutants du numérique : du portable à l’intégrable” (Digital Mutants: From Cell Phones to Integration) talk at Forum Netexplo. February 15, 2013.  (in french)





Interview and participation on the “Manager la complexité pour survivre” roundtable (Managing and Surviving Complexity) during the Forum Changer d’ère. The forum’s objective: explore a new model of society that inspires its citizens to embrace the future. Held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, June 5, 2013.  (in french)