Forward-thinkers, humanists, pioneers: the Biotics team is made up of visionary professionals who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest economic trends, new technologies, and emerging social and business models…ready to help you strategically navigate tomorrow’s challenges.

Joël de Rosnay

Joël de Rosnay is a scientist, futurist, speaker and writer. He holds a Docteur ès Sciences, and is an organic chemist specialized in the origins of life. Mr de Rosnay has particular interest for advanced technologies and systems theory applications (systemics).

His Role:
Help societies navigate the complexities of the modern world through an approach that embraces scientific, technological and humanist principles. Provide strategic insight to leaders.

Yves Cumunel
Legal Advisor

Yves Cumunel is a business law and management specialist. He coaches leaders and their teams in the drafting of strategy, working with partners, negotiating contracts and setting up key performance indicator dashboards.

His Role:
Provide guidance and anticipate change. Stella de Rosnay Communications Director

Stella de Rosnay 

Communication Manager

Stella de Rosnay is responsible for organizing special events aimed at expanding Biotics’ network of clients and partners in France and throughout the world.

Her Role:
Inspire networking and human interaction.

Danielle Bliah-Gil
Marketing and Business Development Officer

Danielle Bliah-Gil helps elaborate the company’s marketing strategy and executes business development activities. She also handles day-to-day operations.

Her Role:
Coordinating Joël de Rosnay’s schedule and faciliating the communication of his insights.

François Plaze
Webmaster and Social Media Manager

François Plaze manages "Le Carrefour du Futur", Joël de Rosnay’s official website. He also oversees Mr de Rosnay’s social media presence (Facebook, Pearltrees, Scoop'it, Youtube, Dailymotion, Flickr)

His Role:
Syndicate Joël de Rosnay’s written and video content throughout the Internet, including his regular radio and TV appearances. Also manage Mr de Rosnay’s social media channels, his official website and online media library and his mini-MOOC.