educ150x150Etymologically, the word “education” means “to guide out of.” In other words: to develop. Today education refers to learning and the methods of developping physical, psychological and intellectual faculties. Education is shaped by culture, geography and history. While every nation has its own unique educational system, most share two fundamental characteristics: training the young to become socially-responsible adults, and growing governmental influence in education policy.

Education is considered an important aspect of personal development, with some governments guaranteeing the right to education. A strong educational system is indeed seen as a major benefit to a nation’s strength. Inversely, an underperforming educational system is seen as a handicap to further development. (Wikipedia)

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Forum Educavox 2013
Joël de Rosnay speaking at Forum Educavox 2013 organized by l’An@é – April 6, 2013. (in french)

Enseigner aujourd’hui ?
Joël de Rosnay speaking on the subject of ANAE (Association nationale des acteurs de l’école) at the Communication d’Hourtin Summer University – August 25, 2013. (in french)