Biotic : an innovative system


“Innovation with Legs”, Conference held at the Sorbonne, April 18th, 2013

The border between science and fiction is blurred, and technology has often times already crossed it. Joel de Rosney understood this when, starting in 1981, he developed the term "biotics" to describe the hybridisation and coevolution of methodologies and techniques used in computer, biological and supramolecular chemical systems.

In his presentation, Joel de Rosnay successfully explained how computers are not simple objects or tools for everyday use. The computer has truly taken on an important role in our surrounding environment. Today the limits between biology and technology have become fuzzy, to the point that they are almost invisible. To a point, additionally, where we can often speak of a true symbiotic state between Man and machine.

These innovative systems, a term that Joel de Rosnay prefers over "innovation", which he considers out of date, already simplifies our daily lives, and continues to evolve. Web 2.0 is about to disappear and Web 5.0 is now on the table, which Joel de Rosnay calls the "symbio-net", a web that increases the interaction between the body and the digital ecosystem within which it exist. This technological evolution promises many surprises...for better or for worst!